Giselle Stanborough
Interknot 1-9

Lives and works in Sydney, Australia.

Emerging artist Giselle Stanborough explores how social media and the Internet have affected the notion of self. The individual ceases to be inviolable. YouTube, Facebook and Twitter have created a world in which the performance of self (of endlessly multiplying selves) takes centre stage. “I have a particular interest in online user generated media and the way in which such technologies encourage us to identify and perform notions of ‘self’.”

In the Interknot series, the artist posts a video of herself to YouTube. She then makes a video of the YouTube clip and posts the copy of a copy as well. This process is repeated again and again, resulting in a distorted tunnel of self, an infinitely receding performance in which the real is cast out of view and the artist and meaning are obliterated by the powers of digital reproduction.

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